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Last summer over 270,000+ holiday makers booked with Feelsummer and needless to say, they were not disappointed. This summer for Malia 2022, we now open our doors to yet another sensational lineup of world class Malia events and at the Best prices. View Tickets Here.

The main Party destination in Malia (Greece) is CRETE. If your thinking of heading to Malia for this summer then be sure to checkout the weekly Malia Events Calendar 2022 here. View which Malia Events being held in June, July, August & September

If your looking for a party holiday filled with the hottest clubs, events, beautiful beaches and Party Hotels then Malia is your place. For more info on the best and busiest times to visit malia for nightlife see our Malia Nightlife Guide 2022 Here.

*Click & Reserve tickets for all the best events happening in and around Crete - Malia. From the award winning Malia Booze Cruise, Super paint party, Foam party, Joel Corry Presents, Champagne Spray, and sold out Concerts. Simply reserver via deposit online and collect your tickets in malia.

For all the latest Malia Events scheduled for 2022 visit our malia Events Page here. Simply enter your malia Holiday Dates then choose which Malia Events you’d like to attend. Booking is Easy! - Once you’ve decided your dates simply reserve your Ticket(s) via a small deposit and then pay the remaining balance in resort. By booking your malia Event ticket(s) with Feel Summer you'll be able to guarantee your tickets for collection on arrival as well as earning loyalty points for future events.

Doubling up as Malia Clubbing Guide 2022, we aim to provide you with as much information on malia as possible - helping you have that ultimate stress free Malia experience. If you've never been to Malia before then checkout out our Malia Clubbing Guide 2022 Here. A fully comprehensive guide on all the Best Malia BarsBest Malia Clubs and Malia Events to attend for whilst visiting Malia for summer 2022.

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Malia Party Hotels
1 Island Beach Resort, 2 Quaysude Village Hotel, 3 malia Plaza, 4 Oasis Aparthotel, 5 Morefeas Hotel, View All Hotels
  • Malia Mega Pass, the only events package you need to Malia this summer. Including Foam Parties, Paint Parties and more at a discounted price!

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    Oasis Pool Party is one of Malia’s best and longest running pool party! The perfect way to party though the day this summer for Malia 2021!

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    Total Karnage Bar Crawl, the Malia event designed for your party animal. This summer, it is time to hit the Malia strip like never before!

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    Pop Disco, a perfect night, mixing: music, drink offers and fancy dress. Put on your hideous costumes, and make it that holiday memory!

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    Zig Zag Presents, bringing you some of the best headlining acts in Malia for 2021! Limited tickets available. Book now for Malia 2021!

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    Malia Booze Cruise, is a must attend Malia event when in Malia this summer. A 4 hour non stop party. A proper booze cruise that does sell out!

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  • Watercity provides people of all ages with the chance to enjoy their holidays, explore the beautiful park, relax by the pools with a drink. Malia 2021.

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    A wide mix of of water sports, included Flyfish, Sliders, Banana Boat, Crazy sofa and MORE! These water sports are not to be missed in Malia 2021.

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    SUP is the fastest growing sports worldwide and this simply because it is very easy and anyone can pick it up. Malia 2021.

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    Experience the best adventure activity on the mountains of Crete cross of Avdou gorge. Book now for your adrenaline hit. Malia 2021.

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    Quad Safari Malia, book now for your guided tour across some of Malia’s most beautiful scenes, whilst on Quad Bikes. Malia Excursions 2021.

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    Peak season in Malia is June, July – August with All Clubs & Events running from June. See our Malia Events Calendar for a full Events lineup for Malia 2021

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