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Malia Events Calendar 2021

The OFFICIAL MALIA EVENTS CALENDAR 2021. See whats Happening in Malia in June, July, August & September 2021. Book & Reserve you tickets online

Your Malia Bucket list

The ultimate Malia Bucket list for summer 2021. Make your Malia holiday one to remember by completing the ultimate Malia bucket list 2021

Malia’s Party Zone

First time in Malia? See our full showdown on the Malia Party zone/ main strip. All the best Clubs, Events, bars to visit. Malia party zone Guide 2021

Top 5 Malia Party Hotels

The 5 ultimate Malia Party Hotels for summer 2021. The Best Malia Hotel deals with inclusive Malia Event discounts and more. Book now – Malia 2021

When to Visit Malia

Peak season in Malia is June, July – August with All Clubs & Events running from June. See our Malia Events Calendar for a full Events lineup for Malia 2021


Malia is known as the hottest place to party in Europe and this popular Greek holiday destination is showing no signs of slowing down. Malia 2017 is coming

Malia Workers 2017

Fancy working in Malia for summer 2017? Read our mini guide and apply today. From Malia Job info to workers accommodation. Apply today for the summer of a life time.

Where to stay?

So you’ve decided Malia for summer 2017. Now you need to decide where to stay? Read our Hotel review guide and you’ll see what we consider to be the top 5 hotels to stay in Malia.

Buying events tickets

Malia is one or the busiest holiday clubbing destinations in Europe. Read our guide and we’ll explain how to reserve all of your chosen Malia event tickets for 2017. Reserve and collect in resort,


Never been to Malia before? Don’t worry Feelsummer have put together a short introduction / Malia crash course so you know what to expect before arriving in Malia for summer 2017.