Malia is best described as an adults version of Disney Land, a location where you can purely leave all you worries and inhibitions at home and let loose whilst you slip into the all famous state of temporary sun madness. If your looking for a resort that offers endless sunshine, sandy beaches, exotic cocktails, an electric atmosphere and a heated nightlife, then this is most definitely the place for you. If your after a quiet and relaxing holiday then we’d probably advise you to look elsewhere. If your new to Malia then checkout our comeplete clubbing guide here. We hope you enjoy your stay in Malia


Location - Malia is a Costal town in Crete - a Greek island

Language - The language spoken in Crete is Greek

Currency - The currency used in Malia (Crete) is the Euro (€)

Time Zone - Greece is 2 hours ahead of GMT/UK time.

Fly to - The primary airport, Heraklion Airport (HER)

Clubbing Location - The main party location in Crete is (Malia)'

Flight time from UK - Approximately 4 hours

Airport Transfer Time - Travel time in a taxi to Malia is approx 40 min

Temperature - Average of 24 - 40 °C in summer.

Best Time to visit - June to August is the high season, for weather and nightlife.