The Malia Party Zone (The Strip - Beach Road) has been around for years and with new refurbishments and new venues opening, the Party Zone is here for the long run! Each year tens of thousands of tourists hit Malia’s Party Zone and party every night until the early hours.

With a long main strip, there are plenty of Restaurant, Bars and Clubs to choose from. When the sun sets, the strip becomes alive and is the perfect location to bounce from venue to venue all night long.

The Party Zone hosts many of Malia’s most popular events every year, which tourists flock to. Events including Foam Parties, Paint Parties, Bar Crawls, Joel Corry and More! With the popularity of these events, they do sell out!

The Party Zone is open all summer and is at its busiest from June - July. Clubs such as ZigZag and Apollo Club, will be open each night, welcoming party goers all night until the early morning.

Events not to be missed this summer: Malia Booze Cruise Malia Super Paint Party I Love House

The summer of 2021 in Malia is going to be massive!