Check out our Feel Summer top Cancun hotels to find the perfect place to stay during Spring Break or the Summer Season!

Before booking your Cancun hotels for 2021 we recommend you take a look at our top 5 Cancun Party hotels below. From Adult only Party Hotels to the more chilled hotels we cover what we consider to be the best 5 Cancun hotels. The below top 5 Cancun Hotels results are based on Value for money, word of mouth from past customers and hotel facilities. For reference ADULT ONLY hotels do not allow children and offer a more party vibe around the pool and stage areas.

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5. Crown Paradise Club

Attracting a younger crowd, the Crown Paradise Club is a great place to enjoy a party vacation with a group of friends. With over 600 rooms, this budget-friendly hotel is a great place to make new friends with a big swimming pool and lots of bars; there is even a swim up bar to cool down during the day! It is all-inclusive, which will save you money on your vacation, with a great choice of food and drinks. We loved the fun British themed pub called Trafaglars, which had pool tables and a nightclub attached; you don’t even have to leave your hotel to enjoy the nightlife in Cancun!

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4. Beach Palace

Enjoying an ideal location on the white sand is the Beach Palace. This all-inclusive resort will make your holiday comfortable and enjoyable, with three swimming pools to choose from that boast stunning Caribbean Sea views. The rooms are full of high-tech amenities, such as an iPod dock to blast your favourite tunes, as well as flat screen televisions. As it is located in the heart of the Hotel Zone, you are never far away from the nightlife hotspots in town. In addition, there are plenty of dining options and even a full spa and fitness centre to get ready for a night out on Cancun.

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3. Hotel Riu Cancun

There’s no way you can miss Hotel Riu with its towering V-shape and Mediterranean architecture. This grand resort enjoys a great location on the beachfront and will make you really feel like you are paradise. As an all-inclusive resort, you can save money and enjoy delicious food and drink onsite, with a number of bars and a buffet-style restaurant. During the day, there are three swimming pools to relax and chill out before enjoying the nightlife later on. There are even nightly live shows if you feel like staying in the resort, as well as its very own nightclub. Click here for more information

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For an unbelievable Cancun experience, our Feel Summer team recommend the Hard Rock Hotel. Boasting the famous name, this resort is all inclusive with five restaurants serving delicious international cuisine, as well as free drinks available at the bars 24 hours a day. This hotel attracts lively partying guests and boasts live entertainment. To relax during the day and work on your tan, you can enjoy a stunning infinity pool with incredible ocean views, as well as two swim up bars for a refreshing beverage. The rooms are comfortable and will make you feel at home for the duration of your holiday. It doesn’t get much better than the Hard Rock Hotel!

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Oasis Cancun is without a doubt, the best party resort in Mexico! This place is party paradise, with the longest swimming pool in Cancun that hosts wild parties, contents and concerts, as well as being right on the beach. What’s more, there are over 14 bars in the resort! There is even a swim-up bar in the pool if you can’t decide how to spend your day. Oasis Cancun is an all-inclusive resort, which means you can enjoy a limitless food and beverage plan at the bars and restaurants onsite. With comfortable rooms, amazing amenities and the ideal location in the middle of the Hotel Zone, you can make the most of your holiday in Cancun. This is the place to be for Spring Break and the Summer season. You heard it hear first! Click here for more information

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So there we have it. 5 of Cancun’s Best Party Hotels. If your still undecided on which hotel to stay then why not checkout our CANCUN HOTELS PAGE for a full list of Cancun hotels and prices.